plastic free july

Water, water everywhere

I would say my first venture into reducing waste was buying my stainless steel water bottle many years ago. I was driving a lot for work, and not drinking enough water as I hated paying for bottled water as well as generating all that plastic waste. In a bid up my fluid levels I scoured the Internet, read dozens of reviews and settled on the Thermos stainless steel bottle, it’s flip lid means I can operate it with one hand and the wide neck means I can even put ice cubes in it if I so wish. 

I thought I’d use it at work and not much more… boy was I wrong! This bottle has been everywhere with me, camping, driving, day trips, hikes, my sisters wedding and even the labour ward! It’s been dropped, clanged, rolled down hills and even thrown into the road (accidentally) where the plastic lid smashed into 3 pieces. The lid lived through a good gluing (and subsequent duct-taping) and is still going 4 years after the event.
Suffice to say I love this bottle, it’s saved so many empty bottles from rolling around my cat and ending up in landfill and it’s absolutely saved me money (boy to I hate to pay for water, especially knowing it’s 500 times more expensive than tap water!)

When Baby Bear was ready for a cup I went through the usual standard sippy cups (I blame baby fog) none of which I liked, all of which were plastic, and all of which grew mould (bleurgh!!!) After trying 2 and researching countless others, something clicked. I immediately looked up stainless steel bottles and found the Klean Kanteen sippy. 

I loved it from the start and so did he, easily to hold himself and easily identifiable in a sea of sippy cups on play dates or at groups. We transitioned to a sports cap just before he turned one and even though he uses and open cup at home, the bottle goes everywhere with us. I expect it to last until he needs an adult sized one and it’s forming great habits for him whilst he’s still little; for him, buying bottled water will not be the norm.

It’s documented that in the UK up to 15 million plastic bottles are use everyday and around 80% of them never make it to the recycling. Instead they go to landfill, roll around playgrounds, wash up on beaches and degrade into microplastics. We’re all responsible for the waste we produce, throwing things away is not sustainable.
The great thing about stainless steel bottles is that they’re made to last and last. You only need one, there’s no ongoing expense, no need to replace them or to have one for the car, one for the house, one for days out etc. Just get into the habit of taking it with you.

That said… this week I was alerted to this company who produce and sell UK made stainless steel water bottles and pint pots. They were thrown to the foreground of the UK/zero waste press recently as being the company which supplied stainless steel cups to the glastonbury festival (replacing the plastic ones from years past). I love that this company exists. I can’t wait to buy some pint pots for our camping trips and it’ll be hard to resist buying a new water bottle (I may yet get a smaller one for myself as lugging my huge bottle is heavy now I’ve got all the toddler stuff as well) But living reduced waste means not bringing uneccesary items into the house so that’ll be a big think. 


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