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Here is bread… the staff of life

I’m starting my loaf off this morning, a day later than planned, always a day later… 

I’m determined to perfect my loaf, to make it routine, to always have fresh baked to hand so it’s never “easier” to pick a loaf up at the shop. 
I’m not the bread king in our house, my partner loves to bake bread, he enjoys making the long, slow, multiple rise loaf, tweaking the recipe, using all the gear, and it is always delicious. I prefer the knead, knead, knead, rise of the batch loaf, I can get it whipped up and rising during nap time, I can fit it in around the working from home and chasing the toddler. I can fill it with love to make soft squishy lunchtime sandwiches. I pledge to make July the last month I buy store bought bread for everyday use (artisan loaves are another matter… spying a rye and treacle, or a guiness sourdough in my local bakery is too much to resist.)
UPDATE: my lovely loaf!


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