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That Time of the Month?

Once was a time when women welcomed and celebrated the new moon, where they came together to support one another, share wisdom and feast. Then came the times where no-one spoke about menstruation, where it was swept away on a tide of bleached plastic/cotton and ladies wearing white jeans, riding horses… Lucky for us the tides seem to be turning again, women are reclaiming their periods by live tweeting them with the hashtag #livetweetmyperiod, the media is talking about free bleeding, period pants and finally people are coming to understand (or at least take interest in) what exactly goes into the making of disposable sanitary pads and tampons.

Cloth sanitary pads are far from new, my gran used to tell me horror stories about her period belt and clip on pads that were washed by hand and hung on the line for all to see (oh the shame!) but they are having a resurgence that’s for sure.

A quick search online brings up hundreds of makers, facebook is awash with businesses making and selling bespoke pads in all kinds of funky fabrics. You can get exactly what you need in exactly the colour/pattern your want or you can buy “off the shelf”. There is a thriving reselling culture too – talk about eco friendly!

My stash! Pads from EarthJunkiThe WoodElvesComfort Cloth Pads, and Omee’s Boutique

Cloth pads come in a range of sizes, fabrics and absorbancies, they can be washed in the machine with your regular clothes and usually tumble dried (if needs be) they are a great eco alternative to disposable products and although the initial outlay for them can seem quite steep (upwards of £6 per pad) they will last for years and years. Many people add a pad per month and slowly phase out of disposables.

MeLuna shorty classic

Menstrual cups are also becoming hugely popular and are even more frugal as you only have to buy the one! You have to do a good bit of research before you buy, a familiar/recommended brand name doesn’t guarantee success,  you need to really get to know your area and choose a cup the right length, width and capacity. However the fantastic Eco Fluffy Mama has a whole blog of awesomeness filled with reviews of cups and pads. You definitely want to check it out.

In the long run, going reusable will save you money but better than that, it will keep harsh chemicals away from your body, it will reduce your risk of TSS and it will reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfill/washing up on our beaches. Some women even report that their periods become shorter and less painful when not exposed disposable products, who wouldn’t want that?!


4 thoughts on “That Time of the Month?

  1. I switched to csp after the birth of my son and I absolutely love them, I have quite a big stash now! I am yet to try a moon cup as for some reason it freaks me out, not sure why! Wish I’d heard of csp years ago but I only discovered them by accident this year!


    1. Isn’t it funny how you never hear of things and then all of a sudden they’re everywhere! I bought my first csp about 8 years ago and felt like a real hippy weirdo (which I am hahaha) none of my friends had heard of them and everyone thought I was insane, including my partner. I only knew of one maker but then last year after I had my baby I went back to csp and BOOM makers everywhere! So much choice! It’s difficult to keep my stash this small as everything is so pretty but I know I don’t need anymore really.
      The cup is very new to me, I won one in a giveaway which is the only reason I was tempted to try it. I don’t get on with tampons at all so expected the same of cups, I also thought it would be a bit gross but I was totally wrong. I did have to ditch the freebie and get one that’s right for me but it has been brilliant, especially as we go camping a lot and it’s nice to not think/worry about things for 12 hours at a time.

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      1. My husband thinks I’m a bit strange using csp, he is convinced he will see loads of used ones everywhere Ha Ha bit obviously he never has! Men can be so squeamish about periods!


  2. I am so thankful that times are changing, and hopefully we can really start to work towards menstruation NOT being a taboo subject. I feel so much better since I switched and my flow is nowhere near as heavy as it was, along with pain. Thanks so much for the mention xo

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