plastic free july

Cloths for the Kitchen

We started our reduced waste journey quite accidentally a few years ago now when I replaced our kitchen roll (paper towels) with cloths. 

We had just started shopping in Costco and seeing these huge packs of kitchen roll coming into my house more frequently than I would like got me really frustrated. I remember thinking “I’m spending how much on paper towels?! They just get thrown away!” So I just stopped buying them. I had no plan, I had no replacement, I just stopped. 

There followed a few times where I reached for kitchen roll and got annoyed that there wasn’t any and that I had to “waste” a tea towel mopping up a spill, but then I started to think differently about using cloth. I had  a substantial collection of tea towels for no reason other than I love a good tea towel (seriously, I have a Jason Donovan one!) And most of them sat in the drawer being “too good” to use on drying dishes or hands. Once I switched my thinking it was easy to get the hang of using cloths instead of paper in the kitchen.

It was only later that I came to realise how much waste I was reducing just by making this switch, no more plastic packaging and no more wodges of tissue going into the bin and straight to landfill.

It was surprsing how little we missed the paper after just a couple of weeks, we got into the habit of throwing the towels in each wash and had supply enough that we never ran out. Some things did take a bit of getting used to, like patting dry meat or soaking up grease but these things got easier each time and I got over my preciousness about my tea towels. Except that Jason Donovan one, that’s still for best!


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