plastic free july

One week in, one simple switch

It feels overwhelming. Plastic is everywhere. Plastic free july is a big step, it’s hard, we’re a week in and after getting (or trying to get) the weekly shop I’m sure many people feel like giving up, there’s just too much to fight.

Dont worry, you’re not alone, you haven’t failed. Cutting out plastic is hard, going cold turkey makes it even harder. Let’s reasses, let’s go back to the start. Can we make one change this week? Something small that doesn’t feel overwhelming? Something that doesn’t need a tonne of thought? Sure we can!

How about the plastic sponges? Can we swap those? Everytime you scrub your plates those sponges breakdown and release microplastics, little tiny pieces of plastic that get ingested by sealife and end up in our food chain.

Plastic and microplastics are real problems for the planet. Did you know that some fish are preconditioned (from pre-birth) to seek out and eat microplastics instead of their natural food? That’s not just plastic entering our food chain, that’s plastic potentially wiping out a species.

Plastic sponges can be replaced with cotton dishcloths, you can buy them in most supermarkets, or if you’re feeling crafty why not up cycle some old clothes/fabrics into cloths? You could even colour code them if you’re icky about germs.

I used an old towel and fabric from a vest top to make mine. They’re about the size of a piece of kitchen roll (paper)  and are working well! I don’t sew well so they were a labour of love for me but if you’re handy with a machine you could whip these up in no time. I have 2 in rotation alongside some cotton dishcloths and chuck one in with the washing every couple of days.

Upcycled materials make great dish cloths

So there you go, one change that can go permanent. Think of all the fish you just saved.


2 thoughts on “One week in, one simple switch

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! We will be running out of our sponges soon and we do have scrap fabric laying around ready to be used as rags. Converting them into cleaning cloths will be my next project.


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