plastic free july

Issues with Tissues

Tissues are scratchy, heavily packaged, and surprisingly expensive!Handkerchiefs are soft, un packaged, and super frugal! They are easily made of old clothes (tshirts, sheets, even socks!) And depending on the fabric you use, you may not even need to hem them.​

Of course you can buy handkerchiefs easily, charity shops are great places for pretty vintage ones, perfect for the days you want to be a bit fancy but for the day to day, my strips of fabric get the job done. They’re especially nice during cold season as all that nose blowing on paper tissues can dry out your skin and add to your woes.

I used a piece of remnant flannel for these “tissues” but I have others made from a jersey t-shirt which are super soft too. I keep a basket in the living room, one in the bathroom and grab a couple on my way out of the door each day. 
It’s a surprisingly easy switch to make but they are in danger of being lost in the wash (and pockets and handbags!) I try to put used ones into a cotton mesh bag next to the machine to keep them all together. 


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