plastic free july

Frugal vs plastic free

Todays #plasticfreejuly post isn’t a tip. It’s an observation. A really frustrating observation.
I popped into a supermarket this morning to grab a few pieces I can’t get in my local cooperative. They also had melons on half price and Baby Bear loves melon!
Whilst I was there I thought to pick up some peppers to liven up tonight’s dinner (leftover lentil curry) which is when I stumbled across this;

A bank of plastic wrapped peppers, 3 to a pack for 85p a pack.
Individual, unwrapped, entirely plastic free peppers are 50p each in that same store, I checked.

Is it any wonder our oceans and landfills are overflowing with plastics?

First and foremost I count myself as a frugal mama, we buy pre-loved, shop in charity shops and sales, and reuse/repurpose everything. Our journey to reduce our waste was fuelled by my frugality, my desire to reduce the running costs of our household was easily stronger than the desire to reduce waste all those years ago when we ditched the disposable products. But now they are neck and neck and situations like this put me in a real quandary.
Shoppers are constantly forced to choose between frugality and reduced  packaging. Just a stroll around the same section found that oranges, apples, nectarines, and carrots are all cheaper if bought pre-packaged.
Since I didn’t have time to go to another store I knew I would buy the loose peppers, but what I should have done is bought no peppers. I should have voted with my pound. Or rather, my 50p. Because paying extra left me with a sour taste.


3 thoughts on “Frugal vs plastic free

  1. I actually found myself in the same exact, frustrating, situation today! Sad to say that I went with the packaged ones for the cheapness. Looks like i’ll be writing a letter to all of the supermarkets I use! 🙂 x


    1. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I have a friend who buys the packaged version of things then unpacks it at the checkout and leaves the plastic there. Like a little protest. I like the idea of everyone doing that, maybe once the checkouts are piled high with packaging they’d consider making a change.

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