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Set your produce free!

IMG_20160702_075528.jpgSo you know when you go to the fruit & veg section of the supermarket and next to the banks of apples, pears, carrots etc there are little plastic produce bags? They are there for your convenience, to keep your lovely purchases from rolling around or worse still… touching veg of other types!

Yesterday I saw a lady fight a watermelon into one of those little bags. And put a single banana into another.
Just say no.
Let your apples roll around your trolley (shopping cart) let the sweet potatoes bump up against the cauliflower and free those carrots to mingle with the pears!
I’m not sure I can think of another piece of plastic waste that serves such little purpose and can be eliminated so easily.

If you really want to keep your produce confined there are cloth bags that you can buy/make and use instead. I have a few but I prefer to use them for looser items (oats, lentils, seeds, rice) which can’t roll freely in my trolley.
Embrace the chaos of the conveyor belt! Let that produce roll!

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3 thoughts on “Set your produce free!

  1. A watermelon?! That’s a new one for me. I do have reusable bags that I take with me shopping for produce each week but, yes, watermelons should roam free!


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