plastic free july

If you like your coffee hot you should get a coffee sock

Plastic comes in so many forms that we hardly even notice it day to day. It was even intruding on my lovely, simple drip coffee. I make ours this way everyday but was charging through paper coffee filters like it was nobody’s business! Andevery pack of coffee filters I bought came wrapped in cellophane. 
Well, my lovely OH fixed it all by buying me these fantastic cloth coffee filters in December. They didn’t even come packaged in plastic!
They make a fantastic brew and are so simple to use and clean, just dump out the grounds (compost, garden waste or reuse as a body scrub!) rinse and leave to dry. It ticks all the boxes for me: frugal, green, and improves my coffee.

Single use items are everywhere and are always sneaking under the radar just because we don’t notice them anymore. Even we we think those single use items aren’t too bad, like compostable coffee filters, there are still benefits to making the switch to reusable alternatives. And little changes add up!
My #V60 drippers and #coffeesocks are from #hario my drippers are plastic and I expect them to last and last but in the event that they do breaks, hario make beautiful glass and ceramic version of the drippers which I’ll opt for.
(Apologies for the blatant plagiarism of a spectacular John Cooper Clarke poem “I wanna be yours” the actual line is; 

if you like you coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot 

If you’re unfamiliar with JCC then go ahead and Google him, you won’t be sorry!)


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